Its objective of PEM Offshore to protect the environment from the adverse effects of Sewage and Marine Waste discharges and discharges from certain industrial sectors (Oil and Gas) and concerns the collection, treatment and discharge of:

  1. Domestic Waste Water
  2. Mixture of Waste Water
  3. Offshore Sewage Treatment

PEM Offshore has been granted the Exclusive Rights as a Sole Distributor and Service Provider to all Redfox Environmental products in the Nigerian territory. REDFOX ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC. has been a world leader in self-contained sewage treatment units since 1970 through their Red Fox Wastewater Treatment System. The Red Fox Wastewater Treatment System is unmatched in quality, maintenance and performance.

Over 4000 installations have been placed into service for over 700 customers, worldwide. The Red Fox Environmental Services Wastewater Treatment System is the Absolute Solution to all environmental compliance requirements for sewage treatment. When stringent local requirements call for B.O.D. and T.S.S. levels to fall below 30 mg/l, with special modifications, the Red Fox Environmental Wastewater Treatment Systems can deliver an effluent quality in the single digits. The Redfox Environmental Marine Model has received Bureau Veritas certification for IMO Resolution MEPC 159(55).

The IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee resolution applies to all sewage treatment systems installed onboard on or after January 1, 2010. The Marine Model is designed, manufactured and tested to comply with MEPC 159(55) effluent standards. for details


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