Whether on a commercial fishing vessel, an FPSO, a Tanker Vessel, an offshore drilling platform, a cruise ship, or a land-based resort, fresh drinking water is not a luxury – it is a necessity for the successful operation of a commercial venture.

PEM Offshore is the Exclusive Distributor and Service Provider to Parker Sea Recovery INC in West Africa.

Sea Recovery Commercial’s Sea Series of water-makers deliver robust engineering and reliability on land and at sea in the most extreme conditions. These large capacity water-makers are recommended for mega yachts, commercial fishing vessels, workboats, oil rigs, platforms and land-based applications.

Sea Recovery has set the industry standard by becoming the first and only reverse osmosis (RO) manufacturer to have their entire RO product lines type-accepted by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The quality and dependability of Sea Recovery’s manufacturing techniques, engineering, and customer service continues to be the key to our growth and success.

Sea Recovery also manufactures its Marine Whisper series, which covers water making capacities from 170gal to 1,800gal (6,43l to 6,814l) per day. The Aqua Whisper and Ultra Whisper RO desalinators have the right capacity and configuration for any mega, power or sailing yachts. Visit for details.


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